Jettlane Recording Studios
A Typical Recording Session


Recording Times

5 songs requires about 40 + hours (2 or 3 days to record the basic tracks, vocals, harmonies, and solos, plus one or two days to mixdown and master).

Pre Session
The drummer will come in to set up, tune, and get the drum sound the evening before the session. When the drummer leaves, the console, mics, and drum kit are set and ready for the session the next day. We suggest you use our drum kit, since it's tuned to the room and we can get an incredible drum sound with it. Bring your own cymbals, snare, kick drum pedal, and drum seat if you like. Of course, you're free to use your own drum kit, but count on more setup time for tweaking and debugging.

Basic Rhythm Tracks Session [1ST DAY]
The bass can be routed direct to the board, through our preamps or use the bass player's rig preamp out. We'll mike the guitar amps, use the studio’s line of preamps, Marshall amps and cabinets or your own. If you decide to use the studio’s amps, inform the engineer when scheduling your sessions.
Song #1 usually takes about 4 hours to record (this includes amp and microphone setup, normal debugging of pesky noises, setting headphone levels, warming up, and etc.).
The rest of the songs take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or so per song, depending on the number of takes. The first song usually takes longer than the others, so for your first song, pick your easiest number to get the ball rolling. Figure about 8 to 10 hours for the basic session. It's a very long day so use your time wisely and take breaks when needed. The goal for the first day is a good drums/bass/rhythm with a scratch vocal. The singer should reserve their vocals for the second day.

Instrument Solos, Overdubs, Finished Vocals, and Harmonies [2ND DAY]
Time to add guitar solos, overdubs and any parts that didn’t make it on schedule the first day this usually takes about 4 - 5 hours. Now it’s time for the finished vocals & harmonies. Hope you didn't blow your voice during session 1 scratch vocal tracks; because now is your time to shine. Count on about 3 to 5 hours for vocals.

Mix down [3rd DAY]
Final mix downs take about 4 hours for the first song and about one to two hours for each remaining song. You'll listen on different speaker systems and we'll adjust the sound to get the best compromise for the final mix. Count on about 8 hours for mix downs, maybe longer.

Mastering [4th DAY]
Usually 4 to 5 Hours for mastering and burning a Master Disk.

Session Hours
Drum Setup 3
Basic Tracks 12
Solos & Overdubs 6
Vocals & Harmonies 5
Mixdown 10
Mastering 4
Total 40

This isn’t the scenario for every recording session but more of a guide line of what to expect. Some sessions require different instruments and setups which may vary the time needed to complete the project, just discuss this with the engineer when planning your session. We also assume that the group/artist is well rehearsed on all songs, and that the arrangement if final [all solos, intros, and endings have been planned out beforehand]. Rehearsals, remixes, and adding more parts after a completed mix are extra if you are taking advantage of a special recording package, so plan ahead.